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The Salthouse’s chocolate tart Read the Recipe
Head Chef

Chris McQuitty

  • You will need for a tart which makes a dozen portions:

  • 560ml double cream
  • 400g milk chocolate
  • 400g dark chocolate
  • 75g butter
  • 10g salt

The Salthouse’s Chocolate tart

This is a recipe I developed last week, it’s based on a dark chocolate ganache but it is a little bit lighter. It has milk chocolate to make it a little more sweet and creamy and a pinch of salt to balance it.

A 10” wide blind-baked pastry case, completely cooked and sealed. You can roll this from a block of ‘Jus-Rol’ pastry or similar, it will need to be the thickness of a 50p piece.

You will need a large metal bowl to melt the chocolate and butter, and a pan of water underneath to make a ‘bain marie’. Pop these all together on a medium heat, be careful though – flames licking around the side will cause the chocolate to burn so make sure this doesn’t happen!

Warm your cream gently to around 50°C, or the temperature of a ‘hot’ bath. This is just to ensure the butter and chocolate don’t split or go ‘grainy’ (adding a cold liquid to melted chocolate and butter will cool it – setting it in lumps).

Once the chocolate and butter mix has melted in its entirety and is glossy, remove from the heat. Add the salt and mix in the cream.

Allow to cool for at least an hour, before refrigerating (it will need covering with cling film) to ensure that it does not sweat. Eat on the day in which it was cooked and room temperature, this is when it is perfect!

We simply blow over ours with a blowtorch to make it glossy.

Serve with caramel or pistachio ice cream – delicious!